What is DevSecOps in 2023, the world of Cloud + AI

5 reasons why DevSecOps is essential in 2023

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This week on Cloud Security Podcast

So whats been on our mind this week - DevSecOps in Cloud 

Thats right DevSecOps in Cloud - DevSecOps has been around for many years, most of us have heard about it and implemented it in our organisation, so why are we talking about in 2023?

Exactly! thats exactly was the mission we headed out on to figure out!

Is DevSecOps still relevant in this world of Cloud and now Generative AI?

Well we spoke to some awesome people in the industry who have been doing DevSecOps for a few years and they had some amazing insights - for your reading pleasure, we’ve distilled the 5 Reasons Why DevSecOps is Essential in 2023's AI and Cloud World (Because lets face it we all love a good Top 5 list 😂)

MidJourney Interpretation of DevSecOps in Cloud

  1. The Art of Saying No, and Yes: DevSecOps isn't about outright rejection but about finding safer alternatives. In a world where cloud and AI are expanding the realm of possibilities, it's more important than ever to explore options that balance innovation and security. Well said Tanya

  2. Developer-First Approach doesn’t change in 2023: Successful DevSecOps strategy in 2023 still needs to start from a developer's viewpoint. In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and cloud, we need to focus on the problems introduced by new changes and address them with developers in their context.

  3. We desperately need tooling Synergy: The industry's challenge is a disarray of security tools and overlapping functions. As we plunge deeper into the realms of AI and cloud, it's critical to streamline these tools and foster interoperability to ensure a robust DevSecOps strategy.

  4. AI's Double-Edged Sword: AI is like any other technology - it amplifies both the good and the bad. In 2023, with AI playing a vital role in development and deployment, it's crucial that DevSecOps strategies account for these dual aspects, mitigating risks while exploiting opportunities.

  5. The Need for Speed: Anything that speeds up code writing, deployment, or fixes will inevitably impact security. In our AI-driven, cloud-based future, DevSecOps is indispensable. It must adapt and evolve to keep pace with accelerated development cycles.

If you want to watch the full episode, you can find the less than 15 minutes video capturing insights from some incredible devsecops folks here!

We have something very special premiering this week on Cloud Security Podcast - keep you eyes peeled on our socials and channels for this special series airing this week ⬇️

Cloud Security Podcast in June

In last’s week newsletter we were still talking about all that happened at RSA and before you know it, its time for the few other conferences.

As you know Cloud Security Podcast is now in London, so we will be at AWS Summit London next week getting to know all the exciting things that are being done in the AWS Landscape in the UK and Europe context, we will be bringing you lots of insights as usual from the ground.

The flavour of the month, and possibly the year so far is you guessed it Generative AI and AI security - and talks are starting to emerge about MLOps and MLSecOps (Which is the DevSecOps version of Machine Learning to put it simply). We are expecting some big announcements in the space of Generative AI from AWS, since Google I/O was all things Generative AI and Microsoft has been making big moves with OpenAI ofcourse.

We will also be at AWS re:inforce and Infosec Europe as Media/Press partners, so lots of updates and ofcourse fun video updates coming your way. You can actually sign up for the virtual AWS re:inforce for free if you are not able to attend in person.

In next week’s edition, we will start to report on some noteworthy cloud security and cloud related AI security news, the 3 part AI security series we are launching this month and a take on how the big cloud providers are positioning themselves in the generative AI race.

MidJourney’s interpretation of AWS, Azure and GCP as people

Hope you are enjoying this new look Cloud Security Newsletter, theres plenty more to come.


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